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    H1N1 Flu

    Public Health is monitoring the H1N1 Flu situation through the Illinois Department of Public Health and the CDC. Below are some links that will take you to more information about H1N1 Flu. Be sure to visit our other websites, and (our main public health website). You can sign up for emergency alerts on, or directly here.

    IDPH website

    H1N1 Flu Key Facts from the CDC

    Seasonal Influenza (Flu) from the CDC

    Disease outbreaks occur nearly every year in Champaign County. Most — like whooping cough — are not life threatening when diagnosed and treated. For more information read our Pandemic Preparation Made Easy (PDF) flyer.

    Health officials are planning and preparing for the possibility of a new threat in the world of infectious diseases. Avian influenza ("bird flu") now afflicts only birds and a small number of humans who have close contact with these sick birds. If the bird flu virus changes in ways that make it easily passed from human to human, the disease could potentially spread among humans in communities throughout the world.

    Were bird flu to strike Champaign County, health officials would probably urge most people to stay at home for days or weeks, until the threat could be contained.

    Stock 2 For Flu is a campaign for home preparedness. We, the community of emergency responders, are asking you to do your best to prepare for this potential threat. You can do this by stocking items that you might need if you and your family had to stay home for an extended period of time. You can build your stockpile a little at a time: Pick up two extra items whenever you go shopping for food, water, medicines or supplies. And keep building your stockpile until you have enough to support yourself, your family members and any pets for at least two weeks.

    This website will tell you what you need to be prepared. It also offers checklists, contact lists, and sample plans for home and worksite preparedness. There are brochures, posters and other materials you can download and print. Please print these materials, distribute them to your family members, employees or clients. Please help us get the word out about getting prepared!

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